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Contemporary painting, polish art, portfolio of Katarzyna Rymarz

Katarzyna M.Rymarz, born in 1980, Faculty of Art of University of Technology and Humanities in Radom. She creates paintings, photography and multimedia projects. She uses mixed painting techniques such as oil and pastels, oil and ink often on HDF board. She was one of the candidates nominated by Marek Maria Pieńkowski Foundation for the Most Outstanding Young Artist 2012. She lives and works in Lublin. Her works can be purchased on Polish young art auctions in Warsaw.

I focus on digital photography taking into account its roots in traditional analogue photography. A new value can be created at the crossroads of these two aesthetic routes. I also create multimedia objects, drawings and paintings. I am mainly inspired by reflection about body/ human figure in art. In my works I focus on the relationship between the subject and space and the disintegration of the subject. I'm fascinated by the fact that nowadays, any form, any graphic, any word can be placed in many different spaces and on many levels of meaning simultaneously. The question is whether these forms benefit from it or are impoverished? In what circumstances these forms become symbols or have emotional effect?

2008 Graduated from the Faculty of Art of University of Technology and Humanities in Radom, majored in: multimedia
2000-2003 Post-secondary School of Film and Television in Wrocław,
specialized in: organization of film and TV production
1995-2000 Piotr Michałowski Secondary School of Visual Arts in Rzeszów

Solo exhibitions:
2017 Drawings, series of drawings, MBP im.H.Łopacińskiego filia nr 37, Lublin, Poland
2016 Pieces, series of drawings, MBP im.H.Łopacińskiego filia nr 34, Lublin, Poland
2015 Face to face , series of drawings and music composed by Alejandro Magana Avina, MBP im.H.Łopacińskiego filia nr 37, Lublin, Poland
2014 Substance series of photography, Pomost Galery, Lublin, Poland
2012 HDF board paintings, Attractiva galery, Lublin, Poland (catalogue)
2011 Love, throng, nothing, paintings, Attractiva galery, Lublin, Poland
2009 What if you were unfaithful to me?, exhibition of paintings,
The Centre of Culture, Lublin, Poland

Group exhibitions:
2016 Dziecinada, Galeria Jednego Obrazu, Lublin, curated by Małgorzata Majewska
2015 Telephone: An International Arts Experiment by Satellite Collective, New York, curated by Nathan M. Langston, New York Times article
see my work
2015 Lubelskie impresje. Fotografie-haiku, Galeria Pomost, Lublin, Poland
2013 Portas Abertas, Fórum Eugénio de Almeida, Évora, Portugal, curated by Claudia Giannetti, (international exhibition)
2005 Ikona Galery, Łódź, Poland (international exhibition)
2005 Objazdowa Galeria Wielkopolskiej Fotografii, Poznań, Poland (catalogue)
2004 Pod Ratuszem Galery, Rzeszów, Poland (international exhibition)
2004 Urząd Miasta, Radom, Poland (catalogue)
1996 Kuratorium Oświaty, Rzeszów, Poland
1995 Wojewódzki Ośrodek Metodyczny, Rzeszów, Poland

2016 Salon Jednego Obrazu, Discussion about my works with participation of art historians: Katarzyna Mazur
and Natalia Gregorowicz, Galeria Jednego Obrazu, Lublin, Poland
2015/2016 Jubilee Calendar by Pomost Gallery, my photo published, Lublin, Poland
2015 Lubelskie impresje. Fotografie-haiku, publication of my photos in the book edited by Małgorzata Wielgosz, Lublin

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